Family law is one of those broad areas of the law that covers several types of cases. As one might expect, family law covers matters of divorce, spousal support, child support, custody and visitation.

Other areas, not as well known, such as entry into marriage and protection from abuse, also fall under family law.


Tony Morrow understands personally and professionally how difficult divorce can be. While divorce may seem simple, it rarely turns out that way. Using a qualified and experienced attorney should help in getting through a divorce, not complicate it. Tony works with his clients so that they understand what and why something is happening. Remember, the rules are already written and if things can not be resolved, the laws will be applied.

While Tony is known to be aggressive, his normal approach is to attempt to reach a reasonable resolution between the parties that each can agree on.  If that is not possible, then move forward in litigation.


Below is a general guideline of family law cases we handle.  It is a partial list, so if you do not see your case be sure to call and ask. If we can not help you, we will attempt to refer you to someone who can..

DivorceThis is the termination of a marriage and some of the obligations. While it may appear to be simple (and should be), it often isn’t. Get advice early on so you do not harm yourself and/or your child(ren).

Temporary or Permanent spousal SupportThis is the obligation a party has to support his or her spouse. How much and how long, depends on several facts.

Child CustodyAs between the mother and father, what is best for the child? Sole custody, joint custody, shared? And who is to be the domiciliary parent? Learn how each of these will effect you and your children.

Child SupportMost people have an idea of what this is, but do you understand why?  Questions most often asked are:  How much one may pay?  What items are considered child support?  Does custody have any effect on support?

Community PropertyThere are two types of property under Louisiana Law when it comes to community property:  separate and community. You need to understand the difference to protect your interest

Protective OrdersUnfortunately there are situations where one of the parties will require a protective order because of some sort of abuse or other factor. Understand your rights as to whether or not you will obtain a protective order and its effects.

Grandparent Rights/VisitationThis is a relatively new area, but grandparents do have certain rights to visitation.

Post-Divorce Actions (Contempt, Custody/Visitation, Support)So you have already been divorced, but problems still persist, now what? There are issues that can now present themselves if Orders are not being followed. Understand what you can do.