Tony Morrow

If you are going through a divorce or separation keep this in mind:

Think before you put anything about your partner, spouse, or marital issues in writing or post anything online (email, text message, tweet, letter, Facebook, etc.) Whatever you put in writing or post online could end up there forever and could be seen by anyone, including the Court or your children – even if you think it won’t! In the heat of the moment, it might seem funny to take rev ...[Read More]

We rescue too quickly

Today’s generation of young people has not developed some of the life skills kids did 30 years ago, because adults swoop in and take care of problems for them. When we rescue too quickly and over-indulge our children with “assistance,” we remove the need for them to navigate hardships and solve problems on their own. It’s parenting for the short-term and it sorely misses th ...[Read More]