Tony Morrow

Avoid Insurance Tricks to Devalue Your Case

Avoid Insurance Tricks to Devalue Your Case Never, ever, ever, agree to allow your statement to be recorded. Never speak to an insurance adjuster without an attorney to protect you. They are not your friend! They have one job and one job only: to pay the lowest amount possible to resolve your claim. They know all the tricks after having resolved thousands of claims. If you have been in accident, p ...[Read More]

If You’re Not Sure – ASK!

When looking to hire or when communicating with your attorney, if something doesn’t feel right – or if you’re confused – ask. Many folks are, for whatever reason, not comfortable talking to lawyers. As a result, when they feel unsure, confused or agitated, they don’t say anything, or even look for answers from dubious sources, like non-lawyers or the internet. Your lawyer should ...[Read More]


We understand how emotionally and financially taxing divorce can be for the whole family. Many divorcing couples want to complete their divorce as quickly and amicably as possible. We know from experience that mediation can be a productive and cost-efficient means to that end. Unlike a court trial that pits one spouse against another, mediation seeks to resolve issues through open communication an ...[Read More]